Launch the Site


Students, Projects, Experience


SPEX is a website that allowed students to cooperate and do projects together. If you have an idea, you can post your idea and the positions you need on SPEX. If you want to get some experience, you also can find your position on SPEX. Currently, I only created the landing pages.

My Roles

Idea | Marketing Plan | User-flow | Wireframing | User Experience | Web Design | Illustration | Coding

The Website

The Purpose

In this case, the landing pages should solve these problems: What is it? How to use it? Why should I use this website? What services does this website have?

Target Group

The target group of SPEX is the students who want to make their idea come true, and the students who want to get more experience from real projects and cooperations.


Steps Section

Instead of showing the steps by using numbers, I drew a path behind the steps. It will lead users to browsing steps. It is more natural and softer to guide users to read.

Comments Section

Users usually read comments by skim it over. For this reason, I added a rolling animation on these comments. If users want to read it carefully, comments will stop when the user put the mouse on comments.

The Process


Style Tile


Marketing Plan


Programs cooperation in campus

Some colleges and universities have their own cooperation between programs. But the cooperation is only for school projects. If it is a personal project, it will be hard to find a partner in the campus, especially for the student who is not good at social.

Online cooperation groups

There are some cooperation groups on Facebook and Slack. Group members can help each other to do a project. But some of them need payment. And this platform is not safety, because everybody can join the group.



- Giving students more opportunities to get more experience.
- Helping student to expand their social network.
- Giving students some opportunities to work with the people they don’t know. It feels like work in a real workplace.
- Students can get a chance to do a more complete project.
- Net-Work will ask users to use school email to log in, it is safety.


- Students might give up in the middle of the process. We cannot restrict the students.
- No income


- Cooperate with schools and companies.
- Hold some competition with companies.
- Developing the project management section which allows users to manage the project on this website.
- More and more students want to start their own business. This is a good way to practice and find their partners.


- Freelancer website
- Some school might help their students work together in school.

Action Plan

Pricing Strategy

Net-Work will not charge from students. It will get income from sponsors and schools.


We will be marketing online. Post our advertisement on each social media. Also, we will have some speech or hold some events at each college and universities.


SPEX is offering a platform that allows students from different programs and different schools to find partners and work on projects together. Students who have some ideas but they need other people who are from other areas to help them can post their idea and requirement on SPEX. They can describe the idea and post their required position. The student who doesn’t have any idea but wants to have some project experience can go to SPEX to find a position and apply to join a group.


- We will hold some events and parties at schools. Students can meet and communicate, and they might inspire each other. Then they might get an idea and work on it on our website.
- We also will have an award ceremony for those best of the year awards. We will invite some company, and students can introduce their ideas to those companies.


We will hold some competition on the website with sponsorship. The students can get some awards, and the sponsor can improve their influence in the student group.