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Discover the City with local

The idea of this application is people can use this application to share their memories of their hometown or the city they are living at. You can post your travel journal with a map route, and you can check other peoples‘ journals. Also, people can check the event of this city.

The Story

I born in a beautiful seaside city in China. In the past 20 years, China developed a lot, and my hometown also changed a lot. One day when I took my friends back to the area where I grew up at, I was sad because I found everything has changed, and I only can describe how does this area look like when I was a child to them. I am a person who likes to take photos. I even take pictures on my way when I go to school. Therefore, I came out with an idea to make an APP for people to record their daily route. It also likes a daily journal. You can share your favorite place to who also using this app.

The Product

Target Group

- Age:13-50
- People who want to record the change of the city or community they live at.
- People who like to have a trip on the weekend.
- People who like to share travel journals.
- People who want to follow a local route to travel to a city.



This app has 5 sections. They are news, recommendations, new post, master and event. After users logged in, they will see the news section. The news section also has 2 part, the first section is the last news. It will show the newest journal that has been posted. The second section is called followed; it will show the latest journal from the user’s followed account.

Master Rank

For the user who likes to view journals, in the master section, they can check the master ranking and go to their homepage to see journals. The user’s homepage is also in this section. Users can view their journals; a timeline lists the journals.


Users also can check the local events on this APP. There are two sections; the first one is called the Newest Events that allowed people to check the events by order of time. The second section is Categories which allowed check the events that relate to their interests.